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I love restoring washed up pieces of furniture and giving them a new life. Check out some projects I'm working on here!

Gallery Wall DIY

Peyton Lambton

Have you ever wondered how to put together an interesting gallery wall? I think we all have visions of family photos, wedding photos, or art we have collected that would look really great if it was put strategically on the wall. This process is actually very simple. With a little planning you can have the gallery wall of your dreams in a flash!

Start by laying out the pieces you want to use on some butcher paper that is cut to the size of the wall you will be using. It's like putting a puzzle together. Move your photos and art around until it fits in a way you find appealing. 

Next, cut out each frame with the paper so you can create a template for your gallery wall. This will prevent you from putting unnecessary holes in your wall. Use some painter's tape to arrange your photos with the paper on the wall. This will allow you to make sure you like the arrangement before it's all put in place. 

Finally, it's time to hang each piece. I am very indecisive and sometimes will use stickies on my initial hang just to make sure I like the wall before committing to nails in the wall. But if you love it....go for it! 

For more information and tips, check out this video and more on Wayfair's YouTube Channel!

Green Buffet

Peyton Lambton

This piece was one of Chris's favorites that his mother had in the house. I have been saving it with a couple of ideas on how to bring it back to life and to make it work with our new home. There have been several pieces of green furniture I have seen over the years and I finally decided it was time I try this out on a piece of my own. 

I started by sanding down the top of the piece with a palm sander to take off the finish. This took forever so I decided to use a chalk paint on the bottom to keep from having to sand the entire piece. I chose Argyle from Sherwin Williams as the green paint and mixed it with BB Frosch chalk paint powder so I could get the exact color I wanted. It came out pretty green so I covered it with a dark finishing wax and voila!! 

For the finish on the top, I used Minwax Jacobean for a darker finish. Once it was dry I applied a clear finishing wax and let it sit for a couple of days. I was really thrilled with how this transformation turned out and now I have that empty corner filled with a new beautiful piece!!

Nursery Finishing Touches

Peyton Lambton

I was excited and honored when my brother and sister in law asked for my help with some furniture for the baby nursery. This is a room where they will spend a lot of time once this baby arrives so I wanted to make sure these pieces were refinished to stand the test of time. 

I started with an old dresser they had that will now become a new dresser with a changing table on top. No sense in having two pieces of furniture when we can combine this into one. Thank goodness I have a handy brother in law because he built the top for the changing station and I just had to paint it to match. I decided to use my BB Frosch chalk powder to create chalk paint out of Dark Teal from Benjamin Moore. We don't know the sex of the baby yet and teal is a great accent color either way! 

The chalk paint was great because I didn't have to sand anything down and it took 1.5 coats to cover. I finished it off with a clear wax to seal it off. Once the baby is finished with the changing table, we can take it off and still use it as a dresser. 

Every nursery needs a good rocker and my sister in law had this one tucked away. It's solid wood and in great condition....all it needed was a little paint to brighten it up. 

I used the same Dark Teal on this chair and it paired so nicely with the navy anchor curtains. We have two nephews already so I think everyone is betting this baby is a boy. But I am prepared to go purchase an obnoxious amount of pink if a little girl arrives!

This was such a fun project and I can't wait to see the little bambino enjoying his/her room very soon!!

My First Dining Table

Peyton Lambton

When my friends originally asked if I would refinish their dining table, I thought it would be a breeze! This was the first table I have ever been asked to refinish but I was up for the challenge. Well, it took some time and some elbow grease, but came out better than I imagined. 

 Pier 1 table before photo. 

Pier 1 table before photo. 

The table was about 10 years old and had been through normal wear and tear of a young family. My friends have a son so it definitely had some scratches from the years. I began by removing the original varnish with my trusty DeWalt Palm Grip Sander. This was possibly the best Christmas present my husband has ever given me. If you don't have one, I highly recommend adding this to your tool collection. This sander was great but I had to put some time and elbow grease into removing the original finish. After I finished sanding, I used mineral spirits all over the table to remove any dust from the massive sanding that occurred. This was to make sure I didn't get bumpy spots when I applied the stain and finish coats. 

We decided to stick with a darker finish and ended up mixing a couple to create the perfect color. Their dining room is red so I mixed Minwax Jacobean with Ebony. The Jacobean is a light brown with dark undertones while Ebony is almost black.  I started with one coat on the legs to make sure it was exactly what my friends were hoping for. You can see in the photo below the legs against the old table. What a difference!!

 New legs with old table. 

New legs with old table. 

I was so pleased with the stain and the way you can now see the variations in the wood. The varnish that was on it before covered this up and I prefer to see the grain of the wood. So I went on to the table and applied two coats of the stain mixture. I made sure to wipe down the table after each application to ensure there weren't any uneven spots. 

 Finished Product

Finished Product

For the top coat, I used Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane which is an indoor/outdoor finish. Even though the table is for inside, I thought this was a good choice to minimize wear and tear. After one coat I did notice some bumpy spots so I used a 220 grit fine sand paper to lightly sand these out. I applied two more coats of the finish and allowed it to sit for about 48 hours. This isn't necessary but I wanted to make sure it was super dry before delivering it. I am really pleased with how my first refinish project turned out and I look forward to giving a facelift to more pieces in the future!

Side Table Fun

Peyton Lambton

This table originally sat in our sunroom with the tv on top. It's a great piece and I love the wheels on the legs, but I wasn't a fan of the color of the wood so I decided to give it a little facelift. Of course I forgot to take a photo before I began painting but I did catch it before I painted the drawer.

I purchased this sample pot of Dark Teal by Benjamin Moore a while ago and I was just waiting for the perfect piece to give it a try. Well this worked out better than I imagined and I have gotten so many compliments on how it turned out. The sample I received did turn out more blue than the card shows, but I really like it anyway. I used my BB Frosch chalk powder to turn this perfect color into a chalk paint. This kept me from having to sand and scrub the old stain off. Just paint right over it! I liked how it looked after one coat and left some of the wood to show through in different places. This gives it a vintage vibe. After covering in clear wax I let it sit overnight and now I have a great table in our new living room.