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What is my body doing??

Peyton Lambton

So we have all heard about the good, the bad and some of the ugly that comes along with pregnancy. Let me just say that hearing about it and experiencing it are two completely different situations. I read a couple of books before getting pregnant and have even continued to read week by week books that detail what should be happening at different stages. Again, reading and experiencing are very different! So let's break this down a little and I will also share some of the things that helped me get through these weird body changes. 

I have already covered my battle with morning sickness and that was just no fun at all. I still want to know why it is called morning sickness when it really lasts all day long. Let's just equate this to the worst hangover you have ever had that just won't go away no matter what you do. Fun, right? I did end up on a prescription for this but having my Yeti Tumbler full of ice water with lemon was also helpful. If you don't have a Yeti I highly suggest one because you need to drink a ton of water and this will really keep it ice cold all day long. 

I was lucky in the acne department. There were a few minor breakouts but nothing worse than what comes with that time of the month. The only problem here is you just have to let it run its course because acne medication isn't safe during pregnancy. I actually found a product line that was safe to use and I was really pleased with it. There are several out there but the Belli Skin Care line was what I went with after reading reviews and the ingredients. The scrub was my favorite!

Gas. Yep I am just going to put this out there. You have a tiny human inside of you that is forcing all of your organs into a smaller area than they are used to. It makes sense that the intestines would get squished causing any air to need a release. It happens and all you can do is try not to be embarrassed. Don't hold it in because you will feel much better if you just get it out. This is probably one of the least embarrassing topics when you see all the other stuff that will happen with your body. 

Restless legs and leg cramps are so much fun! The leg cramps haven't been horrible for me but the restless legs are pretty crazy. I feel like I have ants crawling all over me and it makes trying to go to sleep a joy. I have tried stretching and this helps a little. Drinking water seems to help some as well. The nights that I wake up with cramps or restless legs I can tell I am dehydrated. Now I try to have a coconut water before going to bed. The chocolate is wonderful and it satisfies my late night sweet tooth. 

So far I haven't had any issues with stretch marks but that could definitely change. I feel that I have really started to stretch out over the past few weeks so I just keep as much moisture as possible on the belly. After I shower I always cover myself in baby oil then before bed I lube up with some lotion that has coco butter in it. I also have a bottle of fractionated coconut oil that I go to some days when I am feeling extra dry. They say this is genetic and I'm pretty sure my mother didn't have them so fingers crossed this will be one thing I won't have to deal with. 

It's crazy what our bodies are capable of. I am amazed every day that there is a tiny human growing inside of me. I love feeling the movement even when it's late at night and I am trying to sleep. It provides a little peace of mind that my little one is doing just fine!