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2016 Year in Review

Peyton Lambton

Man, 2016 was quite a year for me personally and professionally! It's really hard to believe that one year ago we were well into our fertility battle and about to start IVF. I remember worrying about scheduling because I had some work commitments that would require me to travel. Then once I was home it seemed that Chris was traveling and we all know that it takes two to make this happen. But finally the stars aligned and we got our little girl. I had to learn to try and let it go and once I did everything fell into place.   That's one thing I need to continue to work on in 2017....letting it go and trying not to control everything. This is proving to be challenging especially with a newborn. More on that later....


I've shared so much about our journey to parenthood but I realized I never really talk about work. I was so lucky in 2016 to work with some incredible brands. Wayfair and Living Spaces provided me the opportunity to share design ideas and I loved every minute! I posted some of the videos but if you are looking for inspiration check out the Wayfair YouTube page and the Living Spaces blog. Both social media sites are packed with tons of ideas from other designers as well. 


Chris and I both had a great time partnering with Greenworks Tools. If you aren't familiar with the company then you should definitely check them out. We use everything they offer and love it all. The landscaping tools are all battery powered so you don't end up smelling like you work at a gas station after working in the yard. This also makes things like a leaf blower much easier for women to use. I gave one to my mother for Christmas last year and she loves being able to go out and blow the leaves or any debris off the patio without any help. The blower is so lightweight and you just push a button to start. How great is that?!?!  Today I plan on blowing the snow off my car with it. I'll post a video so keep an eye out for that! 


I look forward to what 2017 will bring for me both personally and professionally. I do have plans for opening a design business on Cape Cod this year with my friend Sarah. Check out our site Washashore Home and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Having a newborn has definitely forced me to take a step back for a while, but I plan on working when I can and I hope more wonderful opportunities will come my way. In the meantime, I'm excited to spend the winter snuggling this amazing human that we created. She's pretty awesome!  

Happy New Year!!