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Pregnancy Update-20 Weeks

Peyton Lambton


When I first found out I was pregnant in April, I thought time was standing still. I was so sick and just wanted it to pass. This happened with Lyla James too, but I could lay in bed all day with her. This time around I had to suck it up and find a way to parent while trying not to puke everywhere. I do have to give a shout out to my amazing husband because he really stepped up and allowed me to have full days in bed when I needed it. After trying every natural remedy possible, I did turn to my doctor for some relief. I took Diclegis with Lyla James and it totally saved me, but wasn’t working this time around. The same company came out with a time release version of the same med so I switched to that and it really made a difference. **Side note.....this is not an ad or an endorsement for these meds. Just sharing honestly what worked for me.

When the first trimester was over I kept waiting for the magical moment when the smoke would clear and I would feel wonderful. I’m still waiting for that feeling as I’m well into the second trimester. It has been a week since I last lost my cookies so I think I may be over the hump. Yay!

Everybody said that the second would show much quicker than the first and that hasn’t been the case for me. I have wondered if it’s because my first pregnancy was from IVF and this one isn’t. My weight was up before I even got pregnant with Lyla James from all the hormones associated with the egg retrieval. So I started this pregnancy down in weight compared to last time. I know every pregnancy is different but that’s how I’m making since of the change in weight gain. I really packed it on with Lyla James so we will see how this one progresses. I did bust out the maternity clothing box from the basement this week. I’m pretty excited about the belly paneled pants and shorts because they really are so comfy!

Until I posted the side by side pick of me at 20 weeks, I thought I looked so different this time around. When I looked at the photos I really don’t see any difference. So I was thinking this one was a boy, but now I’m not so sure?? 

Then there’s the heart rate and the old wives tale about that. Lyla’s heart rate was consistently around 140. This baby has been sitting in the 160 range. They say higher heart rates mean a girl, but I have friends who had boys with high heart rates. 

We had the big ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and everything looked great. There is a small calcium deposit on the heart, but the fetal specialist assured us that it’s nothing to worry about. We had such a scary situation with Lyla and a cyst that was showing on her abdomen that I was terrified going into the ultrasound. The cyst ended up being nothing but made us worry for months. I love technology and what modern medicine can provide, but in this case it was scary to hear this so early and then it ended up working itself out. I understand in many cases finding out about an issue early can save the baby, so it’s great for those situations. But I have talked to so many other mamas who were told the same thing..... ‘It’s probably nothing, but it could be something super scary.’ We end up stressing and worrying when it ends up resolving itself. Point is....becoming a parent is terrifying and exciting wrapped up together! 

So at 20 weeks I am feeling pretty good. The heat and humidity have been zapping my energy, or it could be keeping up with my sweet toddler. I will share her 20 month milestones soon! Only 20 more weeks to go!!