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Where does the time go??

Peyton Lambton

I'm pretty sure in one of my last posts I said I would give an update about Lyla and life with a newborn. Well that was back in December and I have no idea where the time has gone, but I am finally getting around to this update just a few weeks later. It's been a little bit like Groundhog Day around here so it's easy to lose track of days and time. We are learning so much about being parents and navigating our way through each exciting milestone. The feeling is very surreal and sometimes I think I am in a dream. 

Ashley Wills Photography

Ashley Wills Photography

Lyla is such a great baby. She cries when she is hungry, wet, tired or needs a burp. It's been interesting to watch her and figure out her signals to us. Trying to decipher cries and sounds is an art but most days I feel like I can figure out what she needs. We've only had a couple of nights with inconsolable cries, but I think it was just some gas. Poor thing!! Her personality is starting to show and I melt when she smiles at me. There really isn't anything better and it makes any frustration I have disappear instantly. She likes to give me a big smile when I am desperately trying to get her to nap. While it feels like she is giving me the middle finger and saying that naps aren't necessary, I just laugh because it's so adorable. 


I am a type A, very organized, scheduled person and this has consumed me when it comes to sleep training with Lyla. The internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time because I find myself obsessed with reading every sleep training website and article imaginable. In my mind, I was going to get her on a schedule and that was just how it was going to be. Well I didn't take into consideration that I'm dealing with a newborn and this was going to take some time. Lyla spoiled us because she was a champ at sleeping long stretches at night from the start. We would have to wake her up at night to feed her because she just loved to sleep. That all changed recently so we are trying the schedule again and I am learning to be more patient with the process. She still gives us her longest stretch at night so I really can't complain because I have friends who are up every couple of hours all night long. My struggle is more with the day and getting her to nap. I tried to tell her that she will feel much better if she naps longer than 30 minutes, but she's just not into it yet. 

Right now she is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room. I worked so hard to make her nursery a room that she will love, but for now we just play in the floor and attempt to nap in the crib. I find myself organizing her closet every chance I get. The Container Store really went above and beyond with her closet and I am so grateful. We chose the elfa shelving and drawer system because of the flexibility in configuration. My parents used the drawers in my closet at home and I had the free standing drawers in my closet prior to meeting Chris, so I was familiar with elfa and loved how durable the product was. My favorite part is the organization on the doors. This is space that could have been wasted, but we made the most of every inch! I hope that Lyla is organized like me and I look forward to watching her grow into this space. 

Ashley Wills Photography

Ashley Wills Photography

The Container Store was so nice to help us out with this project and I want to help them by letting you guys know about the massive sale they are having on elfa products until February 28. The Annual elfa Sale features 30% off elfa products and elfa installation. You can either design your own space using their online design tools, or have one of their experts design your dream space for FREE in store, online or over the phone. I worked with the designers to create Lyla's closet and they were fabulous. They know the system so well and can quickly come up with a design that will fit your needs and maximize your space. If you want to see more of Lyla's adorable nursery and to learn more about the details of the closet, head to The Container Store's lifestyle blog, Container Stories

Ashley Wills Photography

Ashley Wills Photography

10 weeks have flown by and I am just soaking in this newborn phase as long as I can. Staring at our beautiful girl all day is definitely making this winter much more enjoyable and I have almost forgotten about how much I hate the cold! I will keep you all posted on our sleep training and hopefully we can find a schedule that works for everyone. Fingers crossed!! Let me know if you have tips!!