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Our home-the story.....

Peyton Lambton

Our home was a catalog house delivered/built in the late 1800's. When Chris's parents bought it, they did some updates and added a fabulous porch and a giant kitchen. Chris was able to purchase the home right before we got engaged in 2011 and we were finally able to turn it into our dream home. 

Originally we wanted to lift the house because it was built on about 2 feet of stones and was beginning to sink into our sandy soil. We had serious mold and mildew issues so we knew something had to be done from underneath. Then we planned to gut the original house and put an addition on the back. When my dad began planning with us, (he's my personal architect), we quickly realized that this was going to be a much bigger project than we originally thought. The fear of the house completely falling down after lifting it was too big to risk. Sadly we had to tear the entire house down, but we did our best to rebuild as historically as possible so the street facing view was almost the same as it was before. We loved so many things about the original house that it made the design process that much easier. 

It was a VERY long winter but our team pushed through and it June we were able to move into our dream home with plenty of room for visitors and to start a family. You can see the front of the house is almost identical to the original home. We were able to get higher ceilings by building from scratch and Chris really appreciates that!

Chris is working on the landscaping and I am working to make the interior more cozy and inviting. Stay tuned for more photos and details.....