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Guest Bedroom On A Budget

Peyton Lambton

It's a new year and many of you may be ready to update a room in your home that is often forgotten....the guest bedroom! I just updated mine and wanted to share some simple tips to help with any budget. These little touches will help your guests feel right at home!


Sheets and pillows are the first place to put your money. I travel a lot and when the sheets are scratchy or the pillows are stiff, I cannot get a good night's sleep. Start by purchasing a nice set of sheets and some down or down alternative pillows. Top that with some fluffy comforters and your friends and family will snooze the night away. 


If you have a bit more in the budget, add an upholstered headboard. This will allow your guests to sit comfortably in bed while reading or working on a computer. Table lamps will provide some nice light. Just make sure they are at the correct height so the light isn't shining right at eye level. 

Everyone always wants to know what the wi-fi password is! Make it easy for guests and for you by placing a card in a frame with this information beside the bed. This will keep you from having to share it every time someone comes over. 

Little items like a fan, candles, hangers and travel sized toiletries are also a nice touch. This way your guests can make themselves at home and they won't have to ask you for a thing because you already provided it for them! 

Check out my video with Wayfair for these tips and more below!