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27 Week Pregnancy Update

Peyton Lambton


It’s really crazy to think I only have 13 or so weeks left in this pregnancy. The first half went so slowly because I was so sick. Now it’s flying by a little faster than I wanted. I am soaking up as much time with Lyla James as possible and trying to mentally prepare for what’s in store.

The nesting phase is in full effect. I find myself deep cleaning things I never would on a regular day. I have anxiety thinking about dirty dishes and laundry. I am constantly organizing my closet and cleaning Lyla’s out to make room for bigger sizes. The new closet components for Lyla’s toddler room came in last week and I am itching to get it all put together. There is no rush but my pregnancy brain is putting a rush on it for some reason!

I have gotten a little more energy over the last few weeks. This helped on our recent trip to Chicago, though I did walk a little more than I probably should have. My ankles and feet were so swollen on the way home. Normally I nap when Lyla naps but that has changed to just lying down and taking it easy. It’s nice to take advantage of the quiet when I can then it allows me to really focus on her when she is awake.


My nighttime sleep has been hit or miss. Some nights I don’t change positions at all while others leave me tossing all night long. I did find a pregnancy pillow that I am obsessed with and Chris fears it may never leave our bed. It’s a U shape and couldn’t be more comfortable. The brand is Queen Rose and I found it on Amazon. Highly recommend!! 

My skin has been really dry and dull so I have been working hard on that with my BeautyCounter products. The Charcoal Mask, Plumping Mist and Brightening Oil have been lifesavers and really help provide my face with a little glow. This is especially nice now that my summer tan is fading! Click the links if you are interested in learning more or ordering some for yourself. It’s so nice to have products that are safe for me and for baby!

My food cravings have actually changed to more healthy options, which is so nice. I’m not sure if it is the heat or my hormones, but salads have been my jam lately. I don’t think I ate a single salad when I was pregnant with Lyla James. So maybe this is a boy?!?! Speaking of guessing the gender……we have been testing the old wives tales to guess the gender lately. I will post the results soon so we can see if any are actually correct once baby arrives. Stay tuned!