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Chi Town and Gender Predictions

Peyton Lambton

Chris and I recently went on a trip with some wonderful friends to Chicago. This was a much needed getaway for us before we settle in to wait for baby #2. I visited Chicago years ago for a conference, but I feel like I was working the entire time and didn’t really get to experience the city. Well we definitely made up for it on this trip! The minute we touched down we hit the ground running. It all started with the Architectural Boat Tour and tons of walking around Michigan Ave. The shopping was incredible…..maybe a little too incredible! It definitely made me miss living in a city with everything at your fingertips. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for outdoor activities and you could tell the locals were soaking it up as winter is just around the corner.


Our first lunch was at Lou Malnati’s, one of our favorite pizza spots. Years ago a friend sent us some pizzas as a gift and we have been obsessed ever since. It was even better in the restaurant! I am a fan of the deep dish. If you are ever looking for a gift to send someone, this is a great option. After more shopping, we met up with our group at a sports bar to watch some SEC football and catch up. The next day was filled with a fun trip to Wrigley Field. None of us were Cubs fans, but the history and atmosphere was well worth the trip. Our evening was spent at one of the best restaurants we have ever been to. Definitely check out Maple and Ash if you are in the area. The food, friends and decor were all top notch!

Our final day was spent with more shopping, eating, sightseeing and the Monday Night Football game at Soldier Field. What an incredible stadium! The fans and staff were all so friendly. It really wrapped our trip up perfectly and made us fall even more in love with Chicago.


When we returned to the hotel after the game, we ended up sitting in the lobby talking about when we would see each other again. This led to the gender prediction conversation since we probably won’t see this group again until after baby arrives. Everyone made their guesses then we decided to test out some old wives tales.

First was the Chinese Prediction Calendar. This was easy because you just plug in your birthday with the conception day and it does the work for you. This one says GIRL.


Next was the ring test where you hold your wedding ring on a string over the belly and see how it swings. My friend who did this for me said it has been spot on for all of her pregnancies. The part I didn’t know was that it shows all of your pregnancies and not just the current one. So we watched it swing for my first pregnancy, which was a miscarriage, and went side to side indicating a BOY. Then it stopped and started swinging in a circle for a GIRL. Finally it stopped again and began swinging side to side again indicating BOY. If you count every pregnancy this would mean my first was a BOY, then Lyla James, finally a BOY is on the way. It was crazy to watch the ring stop on its own and begin swinging in different directions. We were all totally freaked out!


Finally I decided to test one on my own that I read about online. This is the pee test where you mix your urine with baking soda. It says that if it fizzes like a volcano, it’s a BOY and if it does nothing, it’s a GIRL. Well…..ours did nothing so that means GIRL for this test.

So this still leaves us guessing, but it was fun to do these tests and we will see which ones are correct. It’s a 50/50 chance, right?!?!