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The waiting game

Peyton Lambton

Photo by Channing Johnson

Photo by Channing Johnson

I remember when we found out we were pregnant and November seemed so far away. Well it's here, almost halfway over, and we are still waiting. I was given two due dates for this baby, which I know sounds crazy, but it isn't uncommon. Since we did IVF, we know when this all went down. I have been measuring about a week ahead of schedule so that's how we received two different dates. The first one has now passed and we are approaching the original date that was based on my last menstrual cycle. So it could be any day now! 

My parents arrived two weeks ago in the event that I went into labor early. Chris was traveling and it made us both feel better to have someone here just in case. I feel bad that we are all just sitting around, but things will get crazy soon enough and we won't even remember what it was like to just sit around. I have developed a tiny routine of cleaning the house and making sure everything is in order. It's about the only thing I can control at this point so it gives me a sense of purpose. 

Sleeping hasn't been so easy, but I have gotten more shut eye than I expected. If I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom every couple of hours it would be much easier. The giant body pillow has helped a little with the pain in my hips. Poor Chris probably feels like there are 2 people in the bed with him because the pillow is so large, but whatever works at this point is what we will go with! I was having some pain and pressure in my pelvis so the doctor recommended a maternity belt. After looking them up online I wasn't quite sure how this was going to help but I ordered one anyway. Surprisingly it really did provide some relief. I have also found if I just keep moving and don't sit for too long then it keeps everything loose. This is probably why the pressure is so much more intense at night after I have been laying for a while. It actually feels like a bowling ball is going to fall out of me sometimes when I get up in the night. So weird!

Photo by Channing Johnson

Photo by Channing Johnson

Now we just continue to wait. It's crazy that this huge life event is happening and we have no idea when it will actually go down. The anticipation is crazy, but I am just trying to remain calm and rest as much as possible. I am reading every book I can to try and prepare for this event. I want to attempt a natural birth, but I have no idea what my pain threshold will be. There isn't a medal at the end so I will do whatever will keep the baby and myself healthy. I also want to breastfeed, but it's another unknown. I can read every book and article about how to do all of these things, but we really won't know until baby Lambton arrives. Then we will take it one day at a time and figure it out like all first time parents have done for hundreds of years. 

Everything is ready. The nursery is finished. The laundry remains clean and mostly put away. We have gas in the car. The bags are packed. Now we just need our little miracle to make a move!

Photo by Channing Johnson

Photo by Channing Johnson