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We Are Expanding!!

Peyton Lambton

BabyAnnouncement copy.jpg

We are over the moon to finally announce publicly that we are expecting another little Lambton in December!! This was a different road for us as it was a complete surprise. Lyla James was an IVF baby and we went through so much to bring her into this world. I just assumed that was how we would create all of our babies.....boy was I wrong!

It's funny how things work out. In April we went to visit our IVF clinic to find out the process for transferring one of our frozen embryos. We were lucky to have 3 frozen from my first retrieval in 2016. The doctor let us know all the information and that we would need to go through all the testing again before insurance would approve the transfer. This made no sense to me since all the work had already been done. I really thought it was a matter of making an appointment and implanting when the time was right. We found out that first I had to go through all the baseline blood and ultrasound testing then Chris had to go through his testing as well. That part really boggled my mind because he did his part two years ago! But we left deciding that when I started my cycle that month we would do the testing so everything would be in order. I thought maybe we would schedule to implant in August after the summer was winding down.

The doctor also gave us the option of doing genetic testing to find out the sex of the remaining embryos. This was something I really struggled with because I felt like I was playing God in choosing the sex of the baby. Science is an amazing thing and I am so thankful it exists because it's what gave us Lyla James, but does it go too far?? We think we only want one more child so does it make sense to see or do we roll the dice like we did with Lyla James?? 

Well, we didn't have to decide any of this because as I was waiting to start my cycle in April I found out I was pregnant! Yes, naturally! Talk about a complete shock. We tried for years to get pregnant the old fashioned way and it didn't work. How in the world is it happening now? I had a plan. I was going to enjoy the summer with Lyla James and then start the madness in the fall. God and the universe had other plans for us and we couldn't be more excited!! I feel a bit of empowerment that my body was able to do it's job. I'm happy that IVF exists and I am also happy to have a different experience this time around. 

It has taken me some time to wrap my brain around this because I am such a planner and IVF did work for my OCD brain. But the unknown is exhilarating and I am embracing this different experience and can't wait to meet this baby in December. We do not know the sex and we are going to wait to be surprised. I have been sick as a dog, but I am finally coming around as we just passed the first trimester. The exhaustion is no joke, especially with a very active toddler running around. We can't wait to see Lyla James as a big sister. She is so nurturing and loves taking care of her baby dolls so I think and hope that will transfer into a real baby. Fingers crossed! 



Oh the things people say.....

Peyton Lambton

I know I am guilty of giving unsolicited advice and offering my opinion when it probably isn't appropriate. This is something I am now going to be much more aware of after experiencing the things people say to women who are expecting. It's actually pretty comical and I don't take any of it personally, but I feel that we all need to take a step back and think before we speak.....especially to hormonally charged women who are creating a life inside of them. 

1. Commenting on a pregnant woman's size.

Whether you think a woman is too small or too large doesn't matter. All pregnant women are seeing a doctor and that's for them to determine. I have heard both comments so I'm not sure whether people think I need to gain weight or put the brakes on the amount of food I am consuming. Honestly I don't care, but really why would you tell a pregnant woman, who is probably already self conscious about their appearance, anything other than 'You look beautiful.' A woman told me the other day that I must have a very large baby because I am big and I still have a ways to go. Really? Did you really just tell me I'm huge and to be prepared to get bigger?? Who says that? I'm fully aware that I am creating a human inside of me and if I get big and have a big healthy baby then that is the least of my worries. I also had a lady at the nail salon tell me I'm too small to be carrying a baby. So whatever!! Side note.....I'm drinking a giant milkshake as I am writing this and it's delicious. 

2. Opinions on finding out the gender. 

Chris and I have chosen not to find out the gender of our baby. After going through IVF we figured that having a surprise at the end of the long road would be something fun to add to the excitement. This is a personal decision and everyone is entitled to make this decision for themselves. Telling me 'I don't know how you do that' or 'I don't know why anyone would find out' is simply your opinion, but at the end of the day it's really up to the parents to be to determine what they want. So when you are expecting you can make that decision for yourself. Maybe just say 'Oh that's great' or 'I can't wait to see your beautiful baby.' That would be nice. 

3. Selecting a name for the baby.

I now understand why expecting parents do not share their name list. This is a very personal decision.  It would break my heart to share a name I chose just to have someone tell me something negative about it. But if you wait until after the child is born to announce the name, then most people are going to be excited for whatever you have chosen. Again, saying anything other than 'That's beautiful' is really unnecessary. There will always be someone out there who won't like the name you chose, but that's life. Just keep this opinion to yourself. 

I guess to sum it up just offer a smile and if you need to comment, try to keep it short, sweet and positive. Hormones are no joke so stay on the safe side. :)

The Joy of Pregnancy

Peyton Lambton


What an exciting day it was when we got the call that we were pregnant! It took me a while to really let it all soak in especially since we had previously suffered a miscarriage. I was on pins and needles until around 12 weeks, but finally we let the cat out of the bag and told the family. They knew what we were going through, but after the egg transfer we told everyone we would let them know once we had news to share. This was for my sanity so I didn't have to share bad news if that were the case. But we were so lucky to have good news the first time around!!  

We told my parents when they were visiting and then told the rest of the family over dinner at our house. I think they all knew already because I wasn't having my usual glass of wine at dinner. Also I was really feeling like crap. I wanted to jump from the rooftops and celebrate, but I couldn't stop throwing up. This was a major bummer, even though everyone says that means the baby is healthy. Obviously we want a healthy baby, but man this morning sickness was no joke. They call it morning sickness but it's more like 24 hour a day sickness that feels like the worst hangover ever. I have to admit that I felt and still feel guilty complaining about how awful I have felt, but when people ask 'How are you feeling,' I want to be honest. This isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but that's okay! This is my journey and I'm creating a life. That's pretty awesome! 

I have always been an active person and I pictured being healthy and active throughout this pregnancy. Boy was I wrong! The first 22-23 weeks were awful. The nausea kept me from having an appetite, but I knew I needed to eat. I turned into a toddler with my diet and could only tolerate mac and cheese or the occasional chicken finger. It was terrible. Most meals didn't stay down very long. Finally I called the doctor because something had to be done. They put me on Diclegis after I tried every possible over the counter remedy. This was a lifesaver!! Yes I tried the ginger chews, which made me feel worse, and the preggie pops that provided about 5 min of relief. I found a bit of relief from Sea Bands but again only temporary. There were several times I tried to stop the meds because I just didn't want to take anything at all, but I got sick every time. Around week 22 I tested it out again because I was told the second trimester would be wonderful and I would feel like a new person. I didn't get there as quickly as others have but eventually I was able to stop the Diclegis.  I'm still so thankful that I had it when I needed it!!  

The remainder of my second trimester was great until I got the worst summer cold ever. Can I catch a break here?!?! I had to take a trip to LA for work and I'm sure I picked it up on the plane. Normally I pack myself with meds and nose spray, but not this time. It was rough and really lingered for a few weeks. Saline spray just doesn't do the trick like the real stuff, but that was safe so that's what I used!  

It really amazing what creating a life takes out of us and how it takes a toll on our bodies. Even though this hasn't been the easiest road for me, I know it's all worth it and I will soon forget about these yucky days where I stayed in my pjs all day long. I recently told my husband that I didn't enjoy this, but I know I will do it again! 


20 week bump pic

20 week bump pic

The long and winding road.....

Peyton Lambton

The road to starting a family did not go as smoothly as I always envisioned. Chris and I were married in 2012 and immediately everyone began asking, "When are you having kids?" I understand this is a natural question to ask, but after the crazy ride we have been on, I ask you to think twice before asking anyone this question. I say this because starting a family is not really a question of timing and for those of us who have had to seek alternate routes to getting pregnant, we just don't have an answer to that question. 

It took me a while to process, but I am now ready to share our journey to getting pregnant because I think it's something that should be talked about more. So many women are dealing with infertility issues and choose to keep quiet for multiple reasons, but honestly it's so much more common that I ever realized. Here is the story of our long and winding road. 


Chris and I met and got engaged in less than a year so I knew that I wanted to wait a little bit before starting a family. There were things that we wanted to accomplish as a couple and I wanted some time to be selfish and just enjoy my marriage. So we did that! We traveled, worked, got a dog and built a house. In 2014 we decided that it was time to pull the goalie and in 3 short months I got a positive pregnancy test. It was on Chris's birthday and we couldn't have been more excited. About a week later it all ended and we went from the highest high to the lowest low in a matter of moments. It happened so quickly that I didn't really have time to process everything. Nothing had been purchased, the nursery wasn't designed and we hadn't heard a heartbeat. But we still had planned that our family would be expanding and now that wasn't happening anymore.

We took a few months to chill and decided we would try again in the summer. I was tracking my cycle, using an ovulation kit and doing everything according to plan. Month after month went by and nothing was happening. This was so frustrating and became such a pain in the butt. The fun that comes along with trying for a baby was not so much fun anymore. It became a job and a process and I was putting entirely too much pressure on that tiny window of opportunity that came along each month. So finally in May of 2015 we decided to seek help and made an appointment with an IVF clinic. We immediately clicked with our doctor and we were excited to move forward after a year of nothing. The first step was testing for both of us. This required lots of blood work, an ultrasound for me and a semen analysis for the hubby. The worst part was the HSG test I had to have to see if there was anything blocking my fallopian tubes. This required a dye to be put in the tubes and then pushed through. I heard horror stories about how painful this was so I was very nervous going in for this test. Mine was a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say painful. 

It was a little nerve wracking waiting on the results, but I think more frustration came once we got the results. I never wished for anything to be wrong with either of us, but I think it would have been easier for me to process if there was a reason that we weren't able to get pregnant naturally. The results showed that we were both fertile, healthy and didn't have any issues. They call it 'unexplained infertility'. You would think there could be a better name for it, right?? 

So we had our answers, for now, and in June 2015 we began our first round of treatment. Our insurance required that we start at the bottom and work our way up to IVF. The first month we tried Clomid, which is a pill that is used to stimulate ovulation. I was definitely hopeful that this would be our ticket. I heard horror stories about Clomid and many called it the 'bitch pill' but I didn't really have many side effects. I felt a little different but I also think I was being overly sensitive because I read about the possible side effects. Well after 2 months of this treatment, and no baby, we moved on to the next level which was IUI or Intrauterine Insemination. This process controls the timing and the doctor will insert the sperm at the time of ovulation. There wasn't any pain. It just felt like a pap smear. Not a fun procedure, but not painful. Again, we did two months of this and still nothing so it was time to move on to IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. 

We decided to wait until after the holidays to start because it is a commitment and you have to stick to the schedule once you begin. In February the calendar looked good and I didn't have any travel planned so we began once my cycle revealed itself. There was a lot of monitoring and testing that went along with IVF. Oh and there were shots.....lots of shots and I don't mean the fun kind. The box that came with all my supplies was a bit overwhelming. I have never given myself a shot before so this was very intimidating. The first few I had to get friends to help with, but finally I convinced myself that if I was going to give birth then I should be strong enough to give myself an injection. It started with one a day but by the end of the week I was up to three shots a day in the stomach. I was bloated and just felt awful, but I kept reminding myself that this was worth it and I wouldn't remember the negative parts. Every two or three days I went in for blood work and ultrasound so the doctor could monitor my ovaries and measure the eggs that were developing. Once they were ready, I scheduled my trigger shot to release the eggs and we went in for the egg retrieval surgery. This required anesthesia, but I was only out for about 30 minutes. When I woke up I was so happy because Chris told me to think of something happy before they put me under. This totally worked! Then they gave me animal crackers and I was super excited. Great snack! It's the little things that make me happy apparently. The egg retrieval was definitely the hardest part. I was very uncomfortable, super bloated and it took me a few days to feel good again. They say you should be fine the next day, but I was on the couch for about a week after. 

The doctor retrieved 10 eggs and we waited five days so they could fertilize and turn to embryos. After the five days we ended up with 4 viable embryos that were ready for transfer and the ones we didn't transfer could be frozen for future use. We went back in for the transfer and the doctor chose to implant one embryo. This was a quick procedure and again similar to a pap smear. The coolest part was watching the embryo go into my uterus. We got to watch the entire process, which took about two minutes, on a screen and we left with our first photo. Following the transfer we had another waiting period. Lots of waiting with IVF and really the entire process so be prepared to find some patience and inner peace to keep from going nutty!! About 10 days later we went in for blood work and received a phone call that afternoon that we were pregnant!!!

I will never forget that phone call. We were sitting in Chris's truck and it was the week of his birthday. Very ironic because just two years ago we were experiencing similar feelings when I found out I was pregnant the first time around at the exact same time. I still wake up some mornings and can't believe this is happening. We waited until I was about 8 weeks along before telling our family, just to make sure we were closer to being in the clear of another miscarriage. Now the world knows and I am happy to finally share the journey that got us to this point. It was a long and winding road, but worth every step! 

Baby Lambton coming November 2016!!

Baby Lambton coming November 2016!!

Summitt is ready for duty!!

Summitt is ready for duty!!