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Greenworks Tools....What’s the deal??

Peyton Lambton


For the past 3 years, Chris and I have partnered with Greenworks Tools. You have probably seen us both posting monthly about the various products and some of you have asked if we really like them or if it’s just part of the deal. Well I am here to tell you that not only do we use these tools on a weekly and, for Chris, daily basis....we LOVE these tools and stand by them 100%!!


I personally use the 40-volt line because it’s light weight and easy for me to maneuver. The blower and power washer are probably my favorite as I am am clean freak. I can quickly pull them out and get my patio area looking like new in no time. I even got my mom these items for her patio and deck in TN and she loves that she doesn’t have to wait for my father to do the work anymore. 


The BEST part has to be that everything is battery powered. So you don’t smell like gas after using the blower. I remember growing up and the smell of my dads gas blower. It was awful! Then I married a landscaper and it was the constant smell of gasoline in our house. NOT ANYMORE! 


Chris uses the professional 80-volt line for his landscaping business and you wouldn’t believe how powerful these tools are. They keep the blowers, chainsaws, pole saws, and hedge trimmers on the truck for everyday use. Many people are shocked at the power behind the chainsaw. These tools are also much quieter than the gas powered versions. Chris is really a fan for all of these reasons!  

If you are in the market for some new tools to get your yard in tip top shape....look no further than Greenworks Tools. Just so you know....while we do partner with the brand and make money from that, I was not paid any extra for this post. I just thought it was information that you all would appreciate! You gotta share when you find something good, right?!?!