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I love restoring washed up pieces of furniture and giving them a new life. Check out some projects I'm working on here!

Gallery Wall DIY

Peyton Lambton

Have you ever wondered how to put together an interesting gallery wall? I think we all have visions of family photos, wedding photos, or art we have collected that would look really great if it was put strategically on the wall. This process is actually very simple. With a little planning you can have the gallery wall of your dreams in a flash!

Start by laying out the pieces you want to use on some butcher paper that is cut to the size of the wall you will be using. It's like putting a puzzle together. Move your photos and art around until it fits in a way you find appealing. 

Next, cut out each frame with the paper so you can create a template for your gallery wall. This will prevent you from putting unnecessary holes in your wall. Use some painter's tape to arrange your photos with the paper on the wall. This will allow you to make sure you like the arrangement before it's all put in place. 

Finally, it's time to hang each piece. I am very indecisive and sometimes will use stickies on my initial hang just to make sure I like the wall before committing to nails in the wall. But if you love it....go for it! 

For more information and tips, check out this video and more on Wayfair's YouTube Channel!